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CleanPaws: Litter Mat

CleanPaws: Litter Mat

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Introducing the epitome of feline comfort and cleanliness: the Waterproof EVA Double Layer Cat Litter Box Mat, a pinnacle of innovation designed to elevate your pet care routine and enhance your cat's well-being. This mat not only exudes aesthetic appeal but also delivers unparalleled functionality in maintaining a pristine living environment for both you and your cherished feline companion.

💦 Superior Litter-Trapping: Crafted from high-grade, Waterproof EVA material, this double-layered marvel ensures that any litter or moisture from your cat's paws is effectively trapped within its intricate design.

🍌 Non-Slip Technology: Boasting a non-slip surface, this mat provides a secure and stable foundation for your cat's litter box, keeping it in place even during your cat's enthusiastic scratching or digging activities.

🚿 Easy Maintenance : Easily washable, allowing for effortless maintenance and long-lasting durability. Simply rinse it under running water or wipe it down with a mild detergent to maintain its freshness and efficiency.

🧽 Expansive Surface Area: With ample coverage, this mat effectively catches any stray litter and keeps it contained, minimizing the hassle of constant cleaning and tidying up.

🐱 Protects Floors and Carpets: Designed to cover a generous space underneath your cat's litter box, providing additional protection to your floors and carpets.

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